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  • Let the Children EP release party!

    We’ve teamed up with our friends from Alide to make an epic double EP release at the very first venue we’ve played in our dear London, The Cavendish Arms. It was a very special… and all because of you all wonderful people who came by! In our wildest dreams we wouldn’t have imagined you guys would […]

    June 18, 2017
  • Let the Children EP OUT NOW

    We are thrilled to announce our first EP Let The Children is OUT! Buy on Bandcamp or find it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and many more! From groovy funk rock riffs to deep cutting power ballad, Let the Children EP gives a first taste of this multicultural rock band. Combining high-pitched, raspy female vocals with shocking expressive guitar you […]

    June 17, 2017
  • Music Without Borders

    London rock bands celebrate diversity amidst Brexit restrictions Four emerging London rock bands are joining forces to organise a charity event “Music without Borders” to highlight the ramifications placed on international musicians since the UK EU referendum result. Dani Hart, ‘From the Cave’ Carl Olander and ‘Fuzzwalker’ were compelled to act after Chilean singer/songwriter, producer […]

    March 3, 2017
  • WATCH ‘Let The Children’ Official Video

    Soooo excited for our first videoclip, from the single 'Let The Children'!

    January 19, 2017
  • O2 Academy Showcase…We did it!

    Performing Let The Children for an amazing, full-on crowd at The O2 Academy Islington, London!

    December 8, 2016
  • Advice from Grammy-award winning producer, Pete Smith

    Band tutorial with the legendary Pete Smith (The Police, Stevie Wonder, Duran Duran, Sheryl Crow and more...)

    November 28, 2016
  • Creating a song for Give a Day

    Solo Performance at Give a Day Launch Event, Belgium

    October 21, 2016




    There are times where music, arts and cultures need to stand together and make some noise about causes that are worth standing for. These words are at the core of Dani Hart band. Mixing catchy songs with latin american rhythms, loud hard rock vocals and dirty riffs they rebel against the rules of cultural ostracism to create a countercultural revolution in a world that deeply needs it.

    It all begins with a 13 year old chilean girl obsessed with rock, begging to her hard-working single mom for a beautiful but simple reddish electric guitar. The terms of the spoiled little Chilean were simple: the guitar for the promise of cleaning and tidying her messy room daily… Although the second never happened, that loving and daring action of her mom was the foundation of Dani’s musical adventures in London.

    After years of teen hard rock bands, music & sound engineering studies and a bag full of early life lessons, Dani was given the chance to pursue against all odds her music career at the very heart of popular music. The quest was not easy, but dreams were bigger. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean alone and 7249 miles away from everything known, she arrived to London with a clear goal: use the time wisely, learn from everything and everyone and create music that is worth to hear and to follow.

    Dani Hart band is integrated by members from all over the world; Chile, UK, Germany, France and Serbia. They are a very statement of Music Without Borders, believing and celebrating that no matter where you come from, the power of music is greater than any wall or passport.

    After reaching 6000+ views in less than a month’s time with their debut video clip ‘Let The Children’ made by the incredible Belgian Creative and Photographer Sarah Huysmans, Dani Hart band plans to release a serie of individual singles and videos collaborations. Dani is currently working along a talented team of students from The London Film Academy to film their next videoclip of the second single “Losers’ Groove’. Up to date, all of the release material has been released via WorldBuzz Records as an incredible alliance between international and passionate volunteers, disposing their time and talents in pro of this crazy multinational rock project.

    Head to bbc.co.uk/introducing, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

    Band Members

    Dani Hart

    Daniela Hurtado - Chile

    Dani Hart (Daniela Hurtado) is a Chilean rock singer, composer, producer and sound technician currently doing her last year of Popular Music Performance degree at BIMM London. She has being performing since 2009 with two of her bands back in Chile as well as Dani Hart in London, including a performance at the O2 Islington and in Belgium, doing a solo acoustic performance for the Give a Day platform launch event.

    Ryan Wilson

    Ryan Wilson - UK

    Ryan Wilson is a British guitarist and. He has a particular fingerstyle and a incredible hypnotic performance. His musicality is often inspired by Richie Kotzen. He has plays in several London bands and he's now currently working as session guitarist with Oli Barton & the Movement and guitarist and co-writer at Dani Hart.

    Diana Bartmann

    Diana Bartmann - Germany

    Diana Bartmann is a German drummer and one of the most energetic female performers. She's being in the band from day one. Di has being playing with other bands including The Kut, a British all-female rock garage band who have being recently touring in UK and Germany.

    Aleksandar Barac

    Aleksandar Barac - Serbia

    Aleksandar Barac is a Serbian bass player. For reasons that only life knows, he was unexpectedly unable to come to London to study music at his 20's. He kept his life going for a long while, having kids, playing some gigs, moving to Spain but always wishing to have studied music professionally. One good day, 2-3 decades later he became a bass performance student at BIMM London and close friend of Dani and Diana and later on a member of Dani Hart.

    Jules Gulon

    Jules Gulon - France

    Jules Gulon is a French guitarist who has being the main producer of the Dani Hart EP from the pre-production stage as well as the recording and mixing engineer. The connection with all the members was so strong that he was deliberately added as second guitar, becoming another important piece of the Dani Hart puzzle.




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